Russian Photographer Arseny: “Only art can’t make world better”

We interviewed Russian photographer Arseny. Arseny reveals the problems of ordinary citizens in the project. If you want to see his 1m2 project, click on the link below;

– How many years have you been a photographer?

Arseny: I have been a traveler and photographer for 8 years, but i am not a good photographer. We make these albums with another people in our project, for example instagram: @think.different

-We know that you are a welder. What are you thinking about quitting your job and doing professional photography? Please. don’t underestimate yourself. I think you’re really professional, but it’s a hobby if you only do this in your spare time.

Arseny: Yeah, I’m a welder. It’s not as good a job as a photographer, but stability. Everybody needs a welder. And we have a lot of photographers 🙂

– What do you think is the biggest and fundamental problem of societies?

Arseny: We have different countries but I think it is corruption. If people have less money ( they have other problems. ) And corruption is a dictator’s problem. People should change the president.

– Your 1 m2 project caught the attention of people. You encourage people to be more sensitive. I think people are waiting for an incentive or a popular agenda to be more sensitive. What do you think about that?

Arseny: My project is multicultural. Everyone knows what is the problem of small flats, taxes and disabled people. It is usually problem of citizens. I have small wage, i can’t buy anyone a flat, i can’t give people some money but i can offer a dialogue. You can speak out. Discussion is good in society.

– Do you believe that we can solve the problems of society with art? Or have we been getting attention for a while and making this problem popular?

Arseny: I think that if you are citizen, you can be a blogger, you can make art, you can learn and become a political. They are different ways. I can make art for example. All ways are good, if we have dialogues. But only art can not make world better.

– Your 1m2 project looks really risky. Were you safe? Or did you really take risks for your art?

Arseny: I’m always fastened to the security belt and have rope (under the table or under the white cloth)

– How do you determine the concept when you start making a photo album? Why do you actually do all this? Can you tell us about your objectives and the project planning process?

Arseny: We weren’t so popular when we started. We didn’t do this for the money. Also, now we have no money. All the decorations in the pictures are garbage 🙂 Our project is good for ecology and really cheap. We had some plans and we did this.

– We know that you have been in İstanbul, Ankara and Cappadocia 🙂 What do you think about Turkey?

Arseny: Turkey is good country. I like to hitchhiking between places, i like couchsurfing in your cities. Also, you have interesting nature.

– Please show me your favorite photo (belong to you). Why do you like this photo most? What was on your mind during photography? What did you want to tell us there?

Arseny: I have not list of my favourite photos now, i think i will take my best photos in future.

– What kind of photos do you like? Please talk about your favorite images.

Arseny: I like brutal architecture, roofs and nature. I take photo of these.

Adelina Gençoğlu


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